When will PowerNukkit 1.16.100 Release Come Out?

Hi I was currently using PowerNukkit for a faction server then the MC 1.16.100 update came out today and am no longer to operate my server nor the majority of my fanbase can play it due to this update. Is there a time gap of prediction on when the next update for PowerNukkit will come out ?
Thank You

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yes please come out soon

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Hello, welcome!

We are already working on a protocol-only release, shouldn’t take long.

You can subscribe to notifications on the pull-request to get notified when it gets merged to the snapshot version.

Awesome thank you, so much and just know I support Nukkit and the team 100% for what you guys have offered and done for me as a content creator and my community members as well!

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Hi guys,

I would like to update you that we are still working on the support. We are already doing in-game tests and we are planning to release a version tonight, sometime after 8 PM (GMT-3h).

The original pull request was canceled and we opened two other, one for and another for (which resides at the bleeding branch)



I just noticed that I wrote that message above but I forgot to hit send.

Right now, the first branch got merged and was released, it adds support to 1.116.100. Tomorrow the goal will be to release an alpha of the with the new changes.