Villagers don't take jobs

Hello, I was running Minecraft on a Raspi 4 and it works great.

Question: I can set villagers, including the work blocks. But the villagers do not accept the job. Even if I put them in a house with a bed + work block. Do I still have to activate something on the server? Plugin? Thanks alot.

I installed the last version + Mob plugin

I suppose this is a bug in MobPlugin. However, enter our discord server to get help faster:

I don’t think Mob Plugin will add support for that, but I plan on creating an extra plugin that will extend the MobPlugin capabilities making them aware of the new blocks, like the village work stations

Thank you for your feedback. This means that it does not currently work in PowerNukkit that villagers take a job, etc.

It’s a shame, because it’s a nice thing to bring the server to life.

The good thing is, so I don’t need to look any further as to why this feature isn’t working. I thought it was due to my configuration settings.

Basically the Powernukkit is a, very, very good, stable server with a lot of functions. Thank you very much. Keep it up. If this plugin is still to come, it would be perfect … Greetings from Germany