Unable to login ( / PE 1.16.201)


my first post, and maybe a rather stupid question - but its my forst attempt to set up a MC server…:

Successfully installed powernukkit in a raspi 3B+
Made some minor changes to the server.properties (gamemode, difficulty, max players)
Server starts without any (obvious) problems.

On different Android devices with PE 1.16.201, the server appears as expected,
However, when trying to connect, the following happens on the server:

USERNAME[/] hat sich ausgeloggt disconnectionScreen.notAuthenticated

=> Why “logged out”? I tried to log in…

Whats my mistake?


Apparently you are trying to enter a game that has not been authenticated by xbox. Anyway, join our discord to get help faster: https://powernukkit.org/discord

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Hello, I had the same problem. I was able to log in briefly and then the logout took place again. Others were able to connect to the server without any problems.
Solution: I renamed the folder Players and was created again after restart. Done, then we went.


In addition to what Gabriel said, If for some reason you need it to turn off the XBOX authentication, maybe because you are running the server behind a proxy for e.g, than you need to change xbox-auth=true to xbox-auth=false in the server.properties file.

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