Say Hello to Ore! A new place for 🔌 Plugins!

We used to suffer to find plugins for PowerNukkit, it was hard to know what works and what doesn’t, now this problem is fading away because we have just released to the public!

This system was implemented by the SpongePowered team, and they published it as open-source, so we were allowed to fork and adapt it for our needs.

I’ve already uploaded some plugins there, but they are technical plugins that were spread around everywhere and might be not very useful for the majority of people, but I’m going to be testing and adopting some popular plugins and I challange you to do the same. Let’s make this repository big! Remembering that all projects there must be compatible with PowerNukkit, a “Cloudburst Nukkit” project is just saying that it is compatible with both Cloudburst Nukkit and PowerNukkit and when you see a red tag saying “PowerNukkit”, well, that is exclusive for PowerNukkit.

Soon, we will be adding support for dependency versions, the way that we declare dependencies at the plugin.yml doesn’t let us indicate which version is required, once this is added we will start to see version numbers in the plugin list.

I hope you enjoy the stay, and if you get hit by any issue using the , please let us know.

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