ReportSystem - Report plugin for Nukkit, /report command and manage report for staff

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Report plugin for Nukkit, /report command and manage report for staff.

Author LlamaDevelopment
Maintainer Mundschutziii
License GNU General Public License v3.0
Source code llamadevelopment/ReportSystem: A report system for Nukkit. (
Issue Tracker GitHub
Compatiblity PowerNukkit-1-4-0-0 Alpha 2
Requirements If using MySQL, you will need to download DBLib

Note: I’m not a maintainer of the plugin but I can help if you have issues using it with PowerNukkit.

ReportSystem | Cloudburst Nukkit & Minecraft Server Software (


Many new features and code improvements!
Support for Nukkit 2.0 is available soon!


  • Process each report in an UI
  • Search the reports of a player
  • Search certain reports
  • Every player can see his reports
  • MongoDB
  • MySql support
  • YAML support
  • Everything is editable
  • API


  1. Download the .jar file.
  2. Paste the file into your plugin folder.
  3. If you want to use MySql, you have to install DBLib on your server.
  4. Start your server.
  5. And have fun using ReportSystem.


  • ReportSystem Discord-Addon


Command Usage Default Permission
report /report -
reportmanager /reportmanager reportsystem.command.reportmanager
myreports /myreports -

All commands are editable: Permission, Usage, Command name and Command aliases.!

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A new version has been released for ReportSystem, it is available for download here.

[+] Performance optimizations
[+] Events for developers

For people who already use and want to update the system!
Please replace the old commands from config.yml to the new lines:

    Name: "myreports"
    Description: "Show all your reports"
    Aliases: [ "mr" ]
    Name: "report"
    Description: "Report bad players"
    Aliases: [ "rep" ]
    Name: "reportmanager"
    Description: "Open the Report Administration UI"
    Permission: "reportsystem.command.reportmanager"
    Aliases: [ "rma" ]
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