Pterodactyl eggs were updated! We added ARM support!

I have good news for those who own ARM machines, our docker images now support both ARM64 and AMD64 platforms! This means that you can use our pterodactyl eggs and/or our docker image on a Raspberry Pi device, ARM virtual private servers (VPS) or ARM dedicated servers.

All you need to do is the same that you would do in a regular AMD64 device, import the egg, create servers using it and have fun.

We have also updated the Update on Reinstall flavor of the egg, it’s a mandatory update because it changes all API calls to our TeamCity build server to add a new required guest=1 query string parameter. I’m trying to remove this requirement with URL rewrites on our backend, but it’s not working, so we added the parameter to the egg. Older version of the egg might not be working.

New Download Page

We have also updated our download page, forget TeamCity, the download page is very simple to use, it shows the PowerNukkit version, when it was released, the supported Minecraft version on the download button, where to find the source code on the </> button, and where to find JavaDoc and/or JDiff on the book button. You will find stable and snapshot versions there, and also the current version of the Pterodactyl Eggs, the current PowerNukkit snapshot (version support 1.18.10, 1.18.11, and 1.18.12


Download the newest jars and the eggs at: