PowerWorld World Editor

:writing_hand: A lovely simple world editor plugin that any powernukkit user is free to use.

Azura4k :writing_hand:
GNU v3.0 :writing_hand:
https://github.com/azura4k/PowerWorld :writing_hand:
https://github.com/azura4k/PowerWorld/issues :writing_hand:
Powernukkit API V1.0.13 :writing_hand:
PowerNukkit :writing_hand:

Note: I’m the Plugin Developer. Feel Free to let me know about any issues.



A nice worldedit plugin for powernukkit. Have fun :).

Special Thanks to DaPorkchop_ and FlamingKnight



Gives the User the Wand

//set BlockID

Sets blocks in the designated location

//replace NewBlockID OldBlockID

Replaces the old blocks with the ID, with new block ID.