PowerNukkit Core Usage

How many cores does PowerNukkit use? I have 80 cores. A response as soon as possible would be appreciated!
Thanks, :grinning:

Hmm I’m not really sure since it was not modified from our upstream, NukkitX.

I think it uses all cores to handle network connections, packets, compressions, async events, and async plugin schedules but uses a single thread to tick the game.

It’s usually better to have a CPU with a higher clock than the number of cores/threads in Minecraft servers, unless you run other stuff in the same computer, like database, email, and website servers

But WoW 80 cores is a lot :smiley:

Is there a plugin to make it use more cores?

I don’t think a plugin can do that. But you can take advantage of your big number of core to create a big network with multiple instances running and interconnected by a proxy like Waterdog or Nemisys

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