PowerNukkit has been released

Oh that bugs, that pesky bugs! This new version kills a lot of them! :mosquito: :clap:

This new version still supports Bedrock Edition 1.17.0 and 1.17.2.

We are still working on the new blocks and items that were introduced on 1.17.0, but we didn’t include them in this version because they are still unstable.

It’s also known that a new Minecraft version is coming out this week, we are preparing ourselves to try to release a new PowerNukkit version as soon as we manage to make it playable with the new protocol. We hope that it doesn’t require many changes to release it on the first day, but we expect that the new PowerNukkit release will be launched in about 3 days after the Minecraft release.

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:woman_technologist: PowerNukkit is also released to the Maven Central: Maven Central Repository Search

:floppy_disk: As always, backup your world before updating


:package: Direct download link: powernukkit-

:egg: If you use Pterodactyl, you can find auto-updating PowerNukkit eggs at: - 2021-07-05 (Check the milestone)

Our goal on this version was to fix bugs, and we did it, we fixed a lot of them!

Thank you for the translations!
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Talk to us at https://discuss.powernukkit.org and/or https://powernukkit.org/discord


  • #1107 Guava version from 29.0 to 30.1.1
  • #1107 SnakeYAML version from 1.26 to 1.28
  • #1134 Update the Chinese, Russian, and Turkish translations. Thank you for your contributions!
  • #1149 Update the Spanish, and Russian translations. Also improved the message when a plugin is not found. Thank you for your contributions!
  • #1177 Update the Portuguese, Chinese, and Polish translations. Also added the key language.locale to allow plugin devs to build a Locale object
  • #1150 The show_death_message gamerule was renamed to show_death_messages. A backward compatibility code will keep the old one working, but it’s now deprecated.
  • #1151 Improved /setworldspaw auto completion
  • #1153 Deprecate BlockNetherBrick in favor of BlockBricksNether
  • #783 Campfire now drop 2 charcoal always
  • #783 Soul campfire now drops 1 soul sand
  • #783 Soul campfire now deal double the damage that normal campfires deals
  • #783 Campfire and Soul campfire now deal damage even the entity is sneaking
  • #783 Campfire and Soul campfire now breaks when pushed by piston
  • #669 Improved the output of the /kill @e command


  • #1146 Added implementation for AnimateEntityPacket
  • #1150 The freeze_damage gamerule
  • #1150 Mappings for Goat, Glow Squid, and Axolotl entities and spawn eggs
  • #783 Campfire and Soul Campfire can now be lit by burning entities stepping on it
  • #783 Campfire and Soul Campfire can now be unlit by throwing a splash water bottle on it
  • #783 Campfire and Soul Campfire can now lit by using an item enchanted with fire aspect
  • #669 New API methods to get the name of the entity for display


  • #1119 TickSyncPacket was not registered
  • #1120 Entities sometimes gets invisible for some players
  • #1122 Backward compatibility with plugins setting full bark logs with 17:13
  • #1132 You don’t dismount the vehicle when you teleport, causing you to glitch
  • #1103 The output message of the /enchant command
  • #1100 Abrupt Time Change
  • #1130 Soul Campfire and End Crystal were rendering as other items in the inventory
  • #1139 Backward compatibility with some custom world generators
  • #1147 Sharpness damage calculation
  • #1153 Some code quality issues reported by sonar
  • #1170 Cobwebs are now breakable by using shears
  • #702 Burning arrow and rain will make a lot of particles
  • #625 If you instant kill a mob with fire aspect enchant tool, it will not give fire aspect drops
  • #979 Fixes an issue where the players could not hear each other walking
  • #576 Swmming in a 1x1 tunnel of water was causing suffocation damage by the block above the player

My kid updated minecraft on my tablet for me and now I’m getting
… “logged out due to outdated server!”

I guess it is being worked on by you lovely guys, but a warning; don’t update minecraft at this point :-/

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I see it was fixed with - sorry I forgot to mention that.

Hi @joserobjr,

Great work! Any plans to release the

Currently, I get with the stable version

 18:51:27 [INFO ] [xxx] logged out due to Outdated server!

Using the snapshot from TC fixes the issue…

@petercwallis @dirien
Hello, is very close to be published, but we have just released a snapshot that supports the newest Minecraft version.