PowerNukkit has been released (MC 1.17.0 and 1.17.2)

We are happy to announce that we are already supporting Minecraft 1.17.0!

This release only adds protocol support to the new Minecraft version but we will be adding the new features in the next releases.

As always, backup your world before upgrading!

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:woman_technologist: PowerNukkit is also released to the Maven Central: Maven Central Repository Search

:egg: If you use Pterodactyl, you can find auto-updating PowerNukkit eggs at:


:package: Direct download link: powernukkit- - 2021-06-11 (Check the milestone)

This was quick! This new version add protocol support for Minecraft 1.17.0 as if it was 1.16.221.

The new changes will be implemented in and onwards.

This version works with Minecraft 1.16.221!

Breaking change!

This version supports a new major Minecraft version, some plugin sources might need to be updated or recompiled!

  • BlockWall.WallType.END_STONE_BRICK was renamed to END_BRICK to match the property
  • Custom blocks now have to implement Block.getProperties() if they need to have custom meta.
  • BlockCauldron.getFillLevel() and it’s setter now range from 0 to 6. Glass bottle remove/add 2 levels instead of one now.
  • The creative inventory file format has changed
  • The recipes file format has changed
  • BellAttachmentType was renamed to AttachmentType
  • BlockBell.getBellAttachmentType and BlockBell.setBellAttachmentType were renamed to get/setAttachment.
  • DoublePlantType enum had the entries changed to match the property values.
  • BlockMeta, BlockSolidMeta, and BlockFallableMeta now have getProperties abstract.
  • MinecraftItemID.DEBUG_STICK was removed.
  • All deprecated stuff marked to be removed at this version was removed. Except AnvilDamageEvent.getDamage().


  • This is a reminder that numeric block meta are deprecated. Use the specifc block API to make modifications. Come to Discord if you have questions.
  • A lot of duplicated BlockIDs are being deprecated, follow the replaceBy instructions to use the right ones.


  • All blocks are now using the new block state system.
  • We are no longer using runtime_block_states.dat and runtime+block_states_overrides.dat, we are now using canonical_block_states.nbt from pmmp/BedrockData
  • BlockProperties.requireRegisteredProperty now throws BlockPropertyNotFoundException instead of NoSuchElementException when the prop is not found.
  • Some Entity magic values have changed
  • Game rules now have a flag to determine if it can be changed.


  • Event to handle player fishing by plugins. PlayerFishEvent.
  • 3 new packets: AddVolumeEntityPacket, RemoveVolumeEntityPacket, and SyncEntityPropertyPacket


  • Issues with crafting recipes involving charcoal and dyes and ink_sac related items

Pig Brute don’t drop experience when killed (1.17.0)
Hit white sheep and drop black wool (1.17.0)
The bed is two blocks high will deduct blood (1.17.0)
The lava slime split will only split one (1.17.0)
The door of hell won’t open (1.17.0)

Hello! Welcome! I’ve edited your post with the translation from Google Translate. Please, let’s keep this discussion in English, if you can’t write English you can use the google translator like I did because I can’t read Chinese :wink:

I appreciate the reports, we are going to release really soon and these issues were not known, they will be checked and we will try to include in or

will there be a world generation update
will new generations be added for hell and caves

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Good news: Goodlucky777 is working on a new world gen, so it is possible :slight_smile:

Can the author update the terrain of the main world and the naturally generated buildings in hell, such as villages in the main world, dungeons, forests in hell, forts, in general, can you achieve most of the features and functions of the original bds server?
Support the author greatly! :grinning:
In fact, I want to make powernukkit better to do the original function
Also, it seems that some enchantments don’t work, I hope it can be fixed

支持作者大大! :grinning:

Will minecraft 1.18.0 work on powernukkit ?

hello, it will work, but you will need the latest build which you can find here remember to download the version -shaded.jar