PowerNukkit and have been released

Hello! I have another dual release notice for you!

We have fixed a lot of bugs in our alpha versions and we have updated them to be compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.16.201

As always, make world backups when using those versions! (recommended)

:package: Direct download link: powernukkit-

:package: Direct download link: powernukkit-



  • Alpha Bug : Fixes entities from the MobPlugin going into the ground (compatibility issue)
  • #770 Bamboo not dropping when broken, were also affecting blocks with id > 255
  • #765 Unsafe level.dat writes could lead to world corruption
  • #766 Error saving region files with content over 2 GB
  • #776 Alpha Bug : Grindstone can’t remove enchants
  • #777 Falling block falling though scaffolds
  • #778 Alpha Bug : Compatibility fix: Unable to change MobPlugin spawner with eggs
  • #778 Unable to get minecraft:mob_spawner with /give Nick mob_spawner
  • Snowballs not damaging blazes
  • Issues with the geometry of player and human entities
  • Hay bale not reducing fall damage
  • Lapis ore drops with enchanted pickaxes


  • API to get how long the player has been awake
  • New APIs to detect the type of bucket, dye, spawn egg, coal, and a few others
  • A MinecraftItemID API for simpler version independent vanilla item creation


  • Changed the protocol version to support Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.201
  • #765 The ServerBrand tag in the level.dat file will be set to PowerNukkit now
  • #776 Grindstone won’t reset the repair cost anymore
  • Packet batching is now handled near the RakNet layer
  • Removed extra data from chunk encoding
  • The sound enum has been updated
  • Alpha Bug : Reversed the addition of new item ids for every item, the “new ids” should revert to the old id on load
  • Bucket with fish can no longer interact with cauldrons
  • The /give command now support all current vanilla namespaced ids
  • Updated the raknet dependency from 1.6.15-PN2 to 1.6.25-PN

Just moved from another nukkit server. Glad i have found this one. My son is happy redstone now finally works.
Keep up the good work!


But the server is now outdated, any chance on a new one?

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You can use the last snapshot version, it supports Minecraft 1.16.210, we are very close to send a new alpha for it. The plan is to release by the end of tomorrow.



Thanks for the reply, but could not find any downloadable builds there.
Only way is to compile from github?

Hello, we have moved the TeamCity setup to a new host and lost old builds in the process.

But you can always find the latest snapshot in https://powernukkit.org/snapshot now

Download the one that ends with -shaded.jar

1.16.221 support when?

Yes, 221 is supported. The 1.16.220 supports 221 too

Thanks for your reply!

At least i don’t get the message about old server anymore.
But now get the message: Disconnected.

Will investigate further.

This time it was an outdated client :smiley:
Works fine now, thanks!

Redstone seems to work better too.

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