PowerNukkit and have been released

Hello! I have another dual release notice for you!

We have fixed a lot of bugs in our alpha versions and we have updated them to be compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.16.201

As always, make world backups when using those versions! (recommended)

:package: Direct download link: powernukkit-

:package: Direct download link: powernukkit-



  • Alpha Bug : Fixes entities from the MobPlugin going into the ground (compatibility issue)
  • #770 Bamboo not dropping when broken, were also affecting blocks with id > 255
  • #765 Unsafe level.dat writes could lead to world corruption
  • #766 Error saving region files with content over 2 GB
  • #776 Alpha Bug : Grindstone can’t remove enchants
  • #777 Falling block falling though scaffolds
  • #778 Alpha Bug : Compatibility fix: Unable to change MobPlugin spawner with eggs
  • #778 Unable to get minecraft:mob_spawner with /give Nick mob_spawner
  • Snowballs not damaging blazes
  • Issues with the geometry of player and human entities
  • Hay bale not reducing fall damage
  • Lapis ore drops with enchanted pickaxes


  • API to get how long the player has been awake
  • New APIs to detect the type of bucket, dye, spawn egg, coal, and a few others
  • A MinecraftItemID API for simpler version independent vanilla item creation


  • Changed the protocol version to support Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.201
  • #765 The ServerBrand tag in the level.dat file will be set to PowerNukkit now
  • #776 Grindstone won’t reset the repair cost anymore
  • Packet batching is now handled near the RakNet layer
  • Removed extra data from chunk encoding
  • The sound enum has been updated
  • Alpha Bug : Reversed the addition of new item ids for every item, the “new ids” should revert to the old id on load
  • Bucket with fish can no longer interact with cauldrons
  • The /give command now support all current vanilla namespaced ids
  • Updated the raknet dependency from 1.6.15-PN2 to 1.6.25-PN

Just moved from another nukkit server. Glad i have found this one. My son is happy redstone now finally works.
Keep up the good work!


But the server is now outdated, any chance on a new one?

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You can use the last snapshot version, it supports Minecraft 1.16.210, we are very close to send a new alpha for it. The plan is to release by the end of tomorrow.