PowerNukkit has been released (MC 1.16.100)

Hi there! I’m here to announce that a new version has been released to support Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.100. It is still in Alpha state though as we didn’t have enough time to test many of the changes.

Make sure to back-up your world before upgrading and have a backup schedule going on. Nothing has been changed in the world format but some items have changed their IDs. Some of them are: all dyes, bone meal, cocoa seeds, lapiz lazuli, all spawn eggs, charcoal, all boats, all filled buckets.

Please note that this version can be used safely only if you have been using or lower, if you are using a snapshot from the bleeding branch ( than you will have to wait a little more, we are finishing up the merges necessary to update the snapshot, but we might also release an alpha version of this weekend. Just don’t mix them and you will be fine.

For those who don’t know, will be our next major version, it includes some API breaking changes, rewrites, and a lot of improvements. Almost all blocks are already implemented there, but the version is not ready, so it is still subject to API changes.

You can download the alpha version at the link below.

Make a backup of your world, don’t use this version if you are using!

:package:Direct download link: powernukkit-v1.3.2.0-PN-ALPHA.1.jar

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