PowerNukkit has been released

This update is pretty important, it solves a bug that may makes player unable to login if they leave the server in the Nether. It also changes how the beehives and bee_nest block meta are handled to accommodate the new format, so it’s important to make a world backup if you have beehives in it.

:package: Direct download link: powernukkit- - 2020-08-14 (Check the milestone)

Fixes beehives, client crashes in Nether and improves some error handling


  • #467 Players crash when reconnecting in the Nether
  • #469 Players who don’t crash when reconnecting in the Nether, see overworld sky
  • #462 Beehives and bee nest getting rendered as an “UPDATE!” block
  • #475 If middle packet inside a batch packet fails processing, the other packets in the batch gets ignored


  • #475 Improved error log whilst loading a config file
  • #475 Improved error log when a batch packet decoding or processing fails
  • #462 The beehive and bee_nest block data have been changed from [3-bits BlockFace index, 3-bits honey level] to [2-bits BlockFace horizontal index, 3-bits honey level]
  • #462 The chunk’s content version got increased to 5
  • #464 The German and the Simplified Chinese translations have been updated
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In this version, players still crash when they try to enter hell

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Hi @jlhsr, welcome! I need more information to try to replicate the issue.

Please, run the command /debugpaste, it will send the latest logs, plugin list and the main configuration files like server.properties and nukkit.yml to hastebin, this will allow me to try to understand why your players are crashing. Try to execute this command a few seconds after a player has crashed in the nether.

It would be also helpful to say which coordinate the nether portal is in overworld, I’m going to try to build it in the same place.

In this version, players will suddenly drop off the line. Can you fix it?

Hi @jlhsr , I’m really interested in solving the issues you are having. Please share the link that is generated when you run /debugpaste as indicated above so I can try to understand what is going wrong.


Thanks for sharing, just letting you know that I’m still inspecting what could be causing the issue.

I noticed that you opened an issue in GitHub and I shared a few important points that I found in your report.