PowerNukkit has been released

Very important fixes that you must have. It also fixes some duplication, inventory, world generation, and connection issues.

Make a backup before upgrading.

:package:Direct download link: powernukkit- - 2020-08-10 (Check the milestone)


  • #404 Issues with inventories, click events, and cursor
  • #365 Client crashing when FakeInventories
  • #339 Client crashes when closing some inventories
  • #287 Campfire does not extinguish when it touches flowing water
  • #287 Grindstone placement rule on vines, bubble, liquid, and replaceable blocks
  • #287 BlockGrowEvent being fired when using bone meal on dead sea pickle
  • #287 Mesa biome generating a wrong block instead of red sandstone
  • #366 Block disappears when making bridges
  • #261 Bamboo and bamboo sampling bone meal, placement, and breaking behaviours
  • #359 Piston causing tile entities to invalidate
  • #340 Brewing stand placement rules, recipes, and processing
  • #397 Firework effects getting overridden by a black creeper face
  • #400 OP players in spectator gamemode could break blocks in client-side
  • #403 Right-clicking some blocks while sneaking were not opening the block
  • #407 Server could be stuck and not shutdown even after Watchdog detects the an issue
  • #412 Daylight detector’s tile entity wasn’t being removed
  • #440 Predefined long world seeds wasn’t loading correctly
  • #414 Minecart names could return null can cause unexpected NullPointerExceptions
  • #436 Chorus plant and flowers could be placed anywhere and could keep floating
  • #436 Chorus plant and flowers had wrong blast resistance values
  • #437 Nether dimension having overworld sky
  • #427 Campfire was moving with pistons
  • #422 Can’t ignite leaves with flint and steel directly
  • #450 Can’t ignite leaves with fireball directly
  • #450 Flowerpot placement and support rules
  • #430 Redstone repearter not causing redstone update to the block right in front of it
  • #445 Some languages had different default nukkit.yml settings values
  • #443 Boats and minecarts were not checking if they were already ‘killed’ and could drop itself more than once
  • #404 Minecarts trying to make death animations when it don’t have
  • #404 Comparator not causing redstone updates correcty
  • #404 Fixed three duplication glitches
  • #430 Fire not fading sometimes
  • #430 Iron door not dropping when you break the block under it
  • #449 Honey block couldn’t be used to make a note on noteblock



  • #390 If a compression issue happens, an IOException will be thrown now
  • #287 Removed the teleport limitation in y-axis with the /tp command
  • #287 Campfire does not allow flowing allow passing through it anymore
  • #287 Improved the lantern placement rules code
  • #287 Improved the liquid flow logic
  • #287 Prevents placing blocks in water if the block would break itself in the next tick
  • #287 Narrow down the logic to prevent the right-click spam bug
  • #404 Grindstone will not be forced to face up when replacing vines anymore
  • #445 The translation system have been improved
  • #433 Improved snowball particle performance
  • #404 Chunk content version bumped to 4