PowerNukkit has been released

This new release fixes an issue that causes your server to crash randomly when you have active players. It is a drop-in replacement to

It also allows server owners to use more resource packs as it fixes a compatibility issue with some zipping technique.

:package: Direct download link: powernukkit- - 2020-07-19

Fixes an important stability issue and improves resource pack compatibility

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  • #390 Server stop responding due to a compression issue
  • #368 Improves resource pack compatibility

When will the PowrrNukkit core support 1.16 features?

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Welcome @huang520 :slight_smile:

The new 1.16 features will be supported in, we are planning to release up to Monday, it will fix a few issues but has no release date set yet, but I think it will be ready around August, 9th.

Does support the lower bound of 1.16, including the new hell group? will support almost all 1.16 blocks

Excuse me, is it the core problem of PN that occasionally players are dropped collectively

May I ask what happened to the PN core when all the players dropped the line occasionally

If that happens, something might be taking too long to execute in the primary thread. I’ve received performance issue reports only when using the MobPlugin, but it seems that it got fixed by the newest version of the plugin.

PN core USES trident, enchant loyalty, throw out still can’t pull back, enchant drainage, can’t shuttle in the water, please repair it, including the support of the armor stand

Brewing table not available

The enchanting table is going to be fixed in the next version.