Minecraft 1.17 is getting closer, but DON'T UPDATE YET

We all know the anxiety that we have to play with the latest version, but we just can’t add support to a new major Minecraft version right after the new version is released.

We don’t have any access to the protocol documentation nor before and neither after the update, we have to brainstorm and do a lot of experiments to find out how to make the software be compatible with the new protocol without any documentation. It’s a very hard process so it may take a few days before we have a fully working version on the new protocol. That’s why it is important to DO NOT UPDATE MINECRAFT or you may be locked outside your server without having a good way to undo the update.

We recommend to turn off the auto-update setting and to inform your players about this problem , so they won’t get surprised when they see an “Outdated server” message…

In this process, we will be also looking for solutions that other software implementations do, including software written in other programming languages, hopefully this will speed up the process.

As soon as we get a version where the player can connect and do very basic stuff, we will release an alpha version. Avoid using any bleeding version on your production server as it may lead into block or chunk corruption.

Too late…
Auto update…
My son is too eager to update anyway :slight_smile:

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1.17 installed!
Thanks for your great work!
My son is happy :wink:

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