LlamaEconomy - A new modern Economy System focused to be simple and have a great performance

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A new modern Economy System focused to be simple and have a great performance.

Author LlamaDevelopment
Maintainer LlamaDevelopment
Note I’m not a maintainer of the plugin, but I can help if you have issues using it with PowerNukkit.
License GNU v3.0
Source code GitHub - llamadevelopment/LlamaEconomy: LlamaEconomy plugin for Nukkit & CloudBurst
Issue Tracker Issues · llamadevelopment/LlamaEconomy · GitHub
Compatiblity Tested without problems on PowerNukkit
Requirements DbLib (Optional)



  • Everything is async! So you need don’t worry about performance issues!
  • Many add-ons directly from us!
  • Easy to set up!
  • MySql & MongoDB Support!
  • You can easily switch from EconomyAPI to LlamaEconomy (EAPI to LECO plugin)!
  • Very easy api for developers!
  • Almost EVERYTHING is editable! From messages to commands!


Command Permission Description
/money <optional: player> - See your or others money.
/addmoney llamaeconomy.addmoney Add money to a player.
/pay - Pay money to a player.
/reducemoney llamaeconomy.reducemoney Reduce money of a player.
/setmoney llamaeconomy.setmoney Set money of a player.
/topmoney <optional: page> - See a list of the richest players.
/lecoreload llamaeconomy.reload Reload LlamaEconomy’s language data.

You can edit every command!


To get the current money of a player use the placeholder money.


Maven Dependency:


A new version has been released for LlamaEconomy, it is available for download here.

Easy to use economy system