InvSee - Change the inventory from other players!

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Change the inventory from other players!

Author Leon1917141
Note I鈥檓 not a maintainer of the plugin, but I can help if you have issues using it with PowerNukkit.
License GNU v3.0
Source code GitHub - Leon1917141/Invsee: An simple InvSee plugin for Nukkit!
Issue Tracker Issues 路 Leon1917141/Invsee 路 GitHub
Compatiblity Tested on PowerNukkit
Requirements FakeInventories



  • /invsee <player> or /inv <player>
  • /endersee <player> or /ecsee <player>


  • invsee.cmd
  • endersee.cmd

A new version has been released for InvSee, it is available for download here.

Note: This JAR is modified to fix a compatibility issue with other plugins


  • The com/nukkitx/fakeinventories folder was removed
  • The plugin.yml file was changed to mark FakeInventories as a required dependency