I don't know how can i update PowerNukkit!

I’ve use PowerNukkit to open servers for the first time and some problems happened to me
So i just look up in GitHub’s version and its will fix my problem.

But my main problem is… I don’t know how to update version.

I want to open a servers but i work alone and i don’t know how to use it and
i already have my server files of old version but idk how to update to new patch.

If you have any guides please tell me step by step
Please, its will helped me alot. Thanks for helping me :smiley:

Step by step is a bit to much to write down.
But you need access to the folder from outside (samba?)
Then just replace the .jar file with a fresh downloaded one.
You could also do a wget and replace the old one manually via the cp command.

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do you have any tutorial video

Hello, welcome! It’s very hard to make a step-by-step tutorial because the setup varies a lot depending on the use case and how your hosting provider provides you the server.

But technically, all you have to do is swap the JAR file with the latest one but keeping the old name so the startup script uses it.

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