How to put Resource Pack

Hello everyone! I am leaxy and i’m new to powernukkit and i just wanna know/figure out if it supports the use of resource packs? i currently get this error:

? [36m00: 01: 13? [M [? [M? [34mINFO? [M? [M] Nukkit is distributed under the LGPL License

? [36m00: 01: 15? [M [? [M? [34mINFO? [M? [M] Loading recipes ...

? [36m00: 01: 15? [M [? [M? [34mINFO? [M? [M] Loaded 1509 recipes.

? [36m00: 01: 15? [M [? [M? [31mWARN? [M? [M]

? [36m00: 01: 15? [M [? [M? [34mINFO? [M? [M] Successfully loaded 0 resource packs

please let me know what should i do :slight_smile:

ps: i put the .zip resource pack file on the “resource_pack” folder and turned on the “force resources” on the server properties

Thanks in advance!!


Hi leaxy, welcome!

I’ve never tried to use a resource pack, I’m going to do some researches and I’ll give you a reply later.

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Oh okay thanks Jose! :slight_smile:

I’m testing with this resource pack:

I downloaded the 1.2.x .McPack file and placed it directly inside the resource_packs folder then I restarted the server.

No error were logged, so I tried to connect and the client asked if I wanted to download the resouce pack.

I accepted, it downloaded, everything in the menu changed but the client got stuck there.

I killed the client and tried to connect again, the same thing happened, so I double clicked the mcpack file to install it locally and see if the pack is OK, and it’s not.

If I try to active it (outside the server) the client reports an an error:

ui/hud_screen.json: não foi possível analisar o arquivo UI JSON com stack: 
* Line 251, Column 1
  Missing '}' or object member name

So, I guess it’s not compatible with 1.16 yet.

I’m going to try to find a compatible resource pack to make sure it can work. And I’m going to test the “force resources” setting too.

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I tested with two more resources which claimed to support 1.16, the first one worked fine out of the box but unfortunately I don’t have it’s download link anymore (it was a hell of ads to download it)

The seconds was FeluxisHD RealisticPack and the server failed to load it at startup.

I inspected the failure and the cause is that the pack’s content is inside a subfolder. The zip that you provided me through discord also had the it’s contents inside of a subfolder. The client supports this structure but Nukkit don’t, so it’s a compatibility issue.

I opened an issue at GitHub to solve it, I’m going to make it compatible in the next days.

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ooh wait i fixed the error though and it works on me but my problem is, do i need an mcpack file? i mean should the resource pack be in .mcpack or .zip is fine too?

Good to hear that you fixed it out there :slight_smile:

Both .mcpack and .zip should work in the exact same way.

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The issue was fixed and the fix will be on the next release.

It was fixed by this pull request:

Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

As an around, unzip the file (if it is a .mcpack, rename to make it ends with .zip), open all folders until you find the manifest.json file, when you find it, CTRL-A to select all files, right-click and create a zip with all files selected. The manifest.json file will now be in the root of the zip file. You don’t need to rename it back to .mcpack, just move it as it is into your server resource_packs folder and it should work. This will not be needed after gets released.

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Take the shader ESBE_2G v4.3 works nice

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