Heap Dumper - Adds a command to take a heap dump to analyze memory leak issues

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HeapDumper Pluging

This plugin adds the /heapdump command to your server, it requires the permission heapdump which is given
to OP players by default.

The command takes a memory heap dump and saves it as a file in the server’s directory. The file name uses the
current system time by default, but you can customize it by command argument.

Be aware that the heap dump files are usually very big since it will dump the entire application memory in use in a single
file, this means that if your server is using 4GB of RAM when the command is executed, the file will also take 4GB
in the disk space.

Also be aware that heap dump files may contains sensitive information, like database connection information and
unencrypted passwords, so never leave the dumps there.

Commands and Permissions

Command Permission Usage Description
/heapdump heapdumper.heapdump /heapdump <optional-filename> Take a heap dump to analyze memory leak issues and save in the server’s folder
/cleardump heapdumper.cleardump.single /cleardump <filename> Deletes a specific heap dump file
/clearalldumps heapdumper.cleardump.all /clearalldumps Deletes all heap dump files at once

Glob Permissions

  • heapdumper.cleardump.* - Allows the user to run the command that clears the dumps
    • heapdumper.cleardump.single
    • heapdumper.cleardump.all
  • heapdumper.* - Allows the user to run all the heapdumper commands
    • heapdumper.heapdump
    • heapdumper.cleardump.*

A new version has been released for Heap Dumper, it is available for download here.

First release on 02 Oct 2020