Finalizer thread didn't complete in time

Hi, I tried to set up my first PowerNukkit server, but when I ran the server for a few hours, it started to spam this in console.

15:12:17 [FATAL] --------- The finalizer thread didn't complete in time! ---------
15:12:36 [FATAL] This detection means that the finalizer thread may be stuck and
15:12:36 [FATAL] RAM memory might be leaking!
15:12:36 [FATAL]  -
15:12:36 [FATAL] ---------------- ForcedFinalizer ----------------
15:12:36 [FATAL] Attempted to dump a null thread!
15:12:36 [FATAL] -------------------------------------------------
15:12:59 [WARN ] The ForcedFinalizer has finished

I am using version


Hello! Is it still happening? Can you share the result of /debugpaste upload when this starts happening?