Creative Menu and Mob Problems

I have recently started a powernukkit server and I got into 2 big problems in-game. The first was that the creative menu was all messed up, the armor and some of the items were in the nature tab and the spawn eggs menu was acting weird. The second problem was that the mobs didn’t spawn or move, I was exploring the world but there were no mobs at all! And when I did spawn one it did not move even when you hit it. Thanks! :grinning:

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Hey, welcome! I have good news! The fix for the creative inventory is on the way! That was a long term issue that happened both in Nukkit and PowerNukkit but we managed to fix it recently, the next version will already have the fix applied!

The second is because we don’t have them implemented in the main platform, you will need a plugin for that, for now you can use MobPlugin, it’s an OK solution that works in PN even though the dev don’t provide official support.

For the future, I’m developing a new alternative to MobPlugin which will be named IntelliMob and will be fully compatible with PowerNukkit and the mobs will act more like the vanilla game, but it’s currently unusable yet, I’m going to announce a link in this forum when it gets released :wink:

Thanks, when can I expect the creative menu change?

It’s already in the snapshot of the future version and will be present in the next alpha release