[Completed] AntiXRay not working for PowerNukkit

:writing_hand: A short description of what the plugin does

Author :writing_hand: wode490390
Maintainer :writing_hand: wode490390
License :writing_hand: Apache
Source code :writing_hand: GitHub - wode490390/AntiXray: This plugin is used to counter X-RAY Client add-ons.
Issue Tracker :writing_hand:
Compatiblity :writing_hand:
Requirements :writing_hand:

Note: I’m not a maintainer of the plugin but I can help if you have issues using it with PowerNukkit.

:writing_hand: Paste the link to a safe release, the board will create a nice card for it.

:writing_hand: Optionally put the image and give more details about the plugin, the plugin readme file may help.

Hello, I think you have intended to report that the Wode’s AntiXray plugin isn’t working.

Unfortunately that plugin is not compatible and that compatibility issue is unsalvageable.

I don’t know any Anti-XRay plugin that is compatible now, but there are plains to make it a feature of the future PowerNukkit AntiCheat plugin which we will implement at:

Please note that we hadn’t starting working on that repository yet

Hey! I have good news! @Gabriel8579 has just published a port of the plugin to PowerNukkit! You can get it from there:

I’m going to close this request as completed, if you have any problem with the plugin, please reply to the plugin’s thread.