Can't place new blocks

Help please!

Whenever I place a new block ( such as netherite ), it disappears after a few seconds.
It’s like it doesn’t like the new blocks

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Hello @RedstoneLover, welcome! :smiley:

I suspect you are using a 1.3.X release, that is the expected behavior in that version because the new blocks from Minecraft 1.16 are being implemented in, the 1.4.X version was not released yet, we are working on it every day and it is getting closer and closer to become ready.

If you want to take the risk and try it before it is officially released, you can download it from, you will need to login to GitHub to be able to download the artifact and the JAR file is zipped, you need to unzip to get the jar file. And make sure to backup your server regularly, this is even more important when you are using an unreleased build :wink:

You can check the progress in this milestone:

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Thanks, @joserobjr!
This will help me with my server!

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Sorry, but now I can’t find how to download the latest snapshot.
I don’t have a github account.
If I need a github account to download the snapshot, I can wait for the 1.4.X version to come out

Yes, you need a GitHub account to download the snapshots from there. Just choose a build (the first in the list is the latest) and than click in PowerNukkit inside the artifacts box:

Alternatively, you can download without any registration directly from the Sonatype OSS Snapshots Repository, there the latest versions are in the bottom of the page, make sure to download a JAR file with name ending with -shaded.jar.

By the time I’m writing, the latest can be downloaded at: (last update: 2020-09-17)

These snapshot links aren’t permanent, Sonatype have a schedule to prune old snapshots automatically.

There are plans to create a pretty page where we can download the snapshots easier and without any registration and with links compatible with wget