AuctionHouse - Buy and sell items using an Auction House!

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Author GommeAWM
Note I鈥檓 not a maintainer of the plugin but I can help if you have issues using it with PowerNukkit.
License GNU v3.0
Source code GitHub - GommeAWM/Auction: AuctionHouse | Minecraft Bedrock Edition | Nukkit
Issue Tracker Issues 路 GommeAWM/Auction 路 GitHub
Compatiblity Tested without problems on PowerNukkit
Requirements LlamaEconomy, FakeInventories


:star: Buying and selling items in InventoryInterface/ChestInterface

:star: Support for items with enchantments

:star: Timer ( If the items are not sold within 8 hours, they will be put into storage ) // The 鈥榯ime鈥 you can edit in Config

:star: Storage for Items

:star: Set how many items the player can bring to the auction


  • Make sure that LlamaEconomy and FakeInventories are installed on your server
  • Place plugin鈥檚 .jar file into plugins folder on your server
  • Configure in Config
  • Launch the server


:unlock: To open up auctionhouse main menu type /ah into the chat.

All Information

Command Permission Descripton config
ah the players can sell or buy items from other players support





A new version has been released for AuctionHouse, it is available for download here.

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