About the Plugins category

Here you can share, find, and get support for plugins that are compatible with PowerNukkit.

Please note that incompatible plugins should not be listed here, instead, open a compatibility issue or start a discussion in the compatibility issues subcategory.

Each plugin must:

  1. Have its own thread
  2. Have a good description of what it does
  3. The requirements must be clear
  4. Make clear which PowerNukkit version it was tested and the expected compatibility/incompatibility
  5. Must be open source and the source code repository must be linked
  6. Not be obfuscated
  7. The download must be stored outside this board in a permanent reliable location, like GitHub releases, JCenter, or an approved website.
  8. Provide support to issues that the server owner might encounter with the plugin in PowerNukkit

It’s recommended but not required:

  1. To be the author or a maintainer of the plugin. If you aren’t, you need to make it very clear and you still need to provide support contacting the relevant parties. You will also need to give credit to the maintainer.
  2. Maintain readable changelog, git commits history are usually fuzzy and bad.
  3. Use videos or images to demonstrate what the plugin does. A short video without voice showing it in action is way better than a flat text.

Unmaintained plugins will be archived in another category. We will use the popular plugins to test the next releases and avoid breaking changes or causing compatibility issues, but no guarantee.