A PowerNukkit Snapshot for MC 1.19.20 is now available!


Today I announce the new PowerNukkit snapshot, with minecraft 1.19.20 support!
Thanks again to GoodLucky777 for submitting a pull with this update.

Remembering that, because it’s a snapshot, your server can be a little unstable, so be careful when using it.

:floppy_disk: As always, make BACKUP OF YOUR WORLDS BEFORE UPGRADING !

:scotland: Help us improve our translation at https://translate.powernukkit.org

:woman_technologist: PowerNukkit snapshots can be used as Maven dependency.


:package: Download the last snapshot from: https://powernukkit.org/#snapshot

:egg: If you use Pterodactyl, you can find PowerNukkit eggs at: https://powernukkit.org/#pterodactyl